Don’t Forget the Christmas Parade Tomorrow

Father Christmas

This year’s Santa parade around the village will be on Monday December 5th and will set off from the school at 6.30pm. There will be carols at the school hall after the parade led by the Dyffryn Comprehensive School’s orchestra. Join us for the carols and a mince pie with mulled wine.

In response to current queries raised after the recent traffic accident at the top of the village where it meets the A48, the CHCA has had a meeting with Councillor Rob Jones. He informed us that he has already requested data concerning car accidents in the vicinity of the village. Once these statistics have been made available (within the next 20 days) a public meeting will be called to which relevant officers as well as residents of the village will be invited.

MUGA Floodlights


In order to reduce the electricity bill for the MUGA floodlights a new system of operation has been installed thanks to a grant from the Newlands Fund. The floodlights will still be available between dusk and 9.00pm during the Autumn/Winter months, but now to bring them on during this period, a silver button on the side of the electric cabinet must be pressed.

This means that on cold and wet nights the floodlights will remain off while no one is using the facility.

The Field at the end of Cwrt yr Eos


Just a reminder that the field at the end of Cwrt yr Eos is, at this time of year, the farmers hay field and he will not be well pleased if it is flattened by members of the Village and their dogs. In the past he has said that he does not mind people walking around the edge of the field or crossing it after they have harvested the hay, except, of course, when his sheep are in residence their. Just to let you know before we have another problem.

Looking after the MUGA


It was disappointing this morning to see such an accumulation of rubbish (bottles, cartons, paper) left in the MUGA. It is the responsibility of those who use the MUGA to clear up when they finish playing and to put their own rubbish in the bins provided. There is no one paid to keep the MUGA clean, it belongs to the Village, so it is your responsibility to keep it tidy.

Should this continue the CHCA will have to consider what steps to take. This could mean closing it and only opening it for periods when it has been booked and paid for. To have to take such a step would be a great pity. So, if you have children or teenagers who regularly use this facility, then please advise them of the consequences of leaving their drink bottles and wrappers behind.

CHCA would also like to mention that dogs are not allowed in the MUGA. The signs, to this effect, were unfortunately removed by persons unknown shortly after they were installed.