Looking after the MUGA


It was disappointing this morning to see such an accumulation of rubbish (bottles, cartons, paper) left in the MUGA. It is the responsibility of those who use the MUGA to clear up when they finish playing and to put their own rubbish in the bins provided. There is no one paid to keep the MUGA clean, it belongs to the Village, so it is your responsibility to keep it tidy.

Should this continue the CHCA will have to consider what steps to take. This could mean closing it and only opening it for periods when it has been booked and paid for. To have to take such a step would be a great pity. So, if you have children or teenagers who regularly use this facility, then please advise them of the consequences of leaving their drink bottles and wrappers behind.

CHCA would also like to mention that dogs are not allowed in the MUGA. The signs, to this effect, were unfortunately removed by persons unknown shortly after they were installed.

Thanks to Maes Glas Vets


The CHCA would like to thank Maes Glas Vets, and especially Dr Emma Geddes, for a great presentation last night on how to care for our canine friends. Thanks to too all those who attended and who I am sure learned a great deal. Thanks must also go to the vets assistant and her very well behaved dog Bubbles.

Notice of CHCA AGM

AGM Notice 001

The CHCA AGM will take place at 18.00hrs on Friday 10 June, prior to the Canine First Aid event at 19.00hrs. The Margam Councillor, Rod Jones, will attend if there are any questions you would like to ask him.

An Introduction to Canine First Aid

Vet Evening 02.06.16 001

Maes Glas Vets will present an evening of canine first aid for all dog owners in the Village. Tickets are available at £5.00 each and refreshments will be provided. Let the CHCA know if you would like to come by contacting us on our Facebook page. Make a note in your diaries – 10 June 7.00pm – 9.30pm.

White Vans


The following advice has been received from Cllr Rod Jones concerning the recent white van comments on Facebook:

“Hello, OK the two incidents are as follows, one white van was travellers looking for scrap metal, the second had parked using his mobile phone. There was no attempt to entice anyone into vehicles, no improper suggestions and no offences committed a case of rumour, rumour and more untrue rumour. The police have increased patrol for reassurance and nothing more. Would be grateful if you could put the wider record straight you can say the information has come from me if you wish (a retired police officer with contact lol) hope this helps Rob”

Thank you for this update Rob,